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Global Perspective

From America's great heartland, CGB originates and markets grain and oilseeds for the export and domestic channels. CGB has an extensive network of over 70 grain elevators and terminals which utilize various modes of transportation. Our focus is on providing quality service and products for farmers and dealers as well as our end use customers. Because of this focus, we value close relationships with our customers for food and feed in the US and around the world.


From the field to the market, our team has an extensive array of tools and knowledge to assist you in marketing and transporting grain. These tools range from basic cash contracts to innovative pricing alternatives such as our Equalizer®  family of products. With our intimate knowledge of grain transportation and various markets we are able to partner with you to gain the most value for your grain and oilseeds.

Strategically located, our terminals and elevators are well equipped to handle your grain in a fast and efficient way. We focus on friendly services to move grain safely and quickly while providing exceptional service to you. 

Premium GrainsSM

Our Premium GrainsSM Group coordinates and supplies specific qualities or traits our end-users need by truck, rail, barge or ship. Producers enrolled in our  Premium GrainsSM programs may earn additional premiums for quality products.

We have tools in place like CGBOnline to allow our grain farmers and elevators to manage their grain transactions electronically with our company.

Our employees are trained to handle your needs with the utmost care, listening with understanding to your thoughts and concerns in order to give you the best value for your operation. We understand that customers have many choices in buying or selling grain. Our vision is to exceed your expectations.

ISO 9001-2008
Because of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are ISO 9001 certified at 19 facilities. This gives the user confidence we will deliver the defined traits and features requested in a timely fashion.