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With decades of experience, CGB Marine is successfully moving products and commodities around the world. As a recognized industry leader, the company is directly involved in over 12,000 barge loads of cargo annually. CGB takes products from origin to destination, inland or worldwide.

CGB Marine

CGB Marine is an operating business unit under the CTLC division of CGB Enterprises, Inc., performing as a full service provider in barge fleeting operations, both independently, and through selective partnerships with CGB Waterfront, LLC. and Cooper Consolidated, LLC., with a total of 14 fleets in multiple Ports and Harbors of the U.S. inland waterways.

Facilities are strategically located on the Lower Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, the St. Louis Harbor, Cairo, and various other locations on the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the Illinois Rivers.

CGB Marine is proactive in the pursuit of maintaining, and supporting all federal, state and local standards of operation. As a member of the American Waterways Operators, and the Waterways Council, Inc., CGB works with industry and governmental regulatory divisions to promote a safe, environmentally sound, and practical use of our Inland Waterway resources.


CGB Marine features 24-hour wet and dry cleaning services for hopper barges that are in place.

A full complement of repair services are available, including:

  • Dry-docking
  • Steel fabrication
  • Top-side and bottom modifications and replacements
  • Towboat repairs
  • Fiberglass cover repairs