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Container Shipping



CGB developed its containerized shipping division as a result of container freight rates versus those of bulk rates coupled with the need to transport grains in lots too small for traditional bulk transport. Imports of consumer goods from Asia were increasing for several years, and containers were being shipped back empty to foreign ports.

Benefits of Containerized Grain Shipping:

  • Product differentiation. No contamination. Protects product integrity.
  • Ideal for Identity Preserved and food grade quality grains.
  • Provides for greater traceability in order to identify and monitor product closely (know product origin).
  • Minimal damage with greater product integrity due to less handling than bulk shipments.


  • Enables smaller importers to do business direct.
  • Smaller transactions to finance for importers, with easier risk management.
  • Can source more specific raw material grain and ingredient products for specific end food use.


  • Better suited to certain locations - particularly Southeast Asia countries.
  • Faster speed to market for product versus bulk.


  • Strategic relationships with proficient and experienced freight forwarders that prepare and file required export documentation.