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CGB Enterprises Inc.

Soybean Processing

The CGB Soybean Processing Plant was built in 1997 in Mt. Vernon, Indiana at the Port of Indiana, which is in the southwest corner of the state. Conveniently located on the bank of the Ohio River, this strategic location provides direct access to multiple logistics options including barge, rail, truck and outbound container shipping. Rail service at this port is provided by the EVWR RR which connects to the CSX mainline, allowing for easy access to domestic feed mills in the southeast U.S.

Our Customers

Soybean Processing’s main customers include feed mills, poultry manufacturers, hog farmers, cattle farms, dairies, edible oil manufactures as well and bio-fuel producers. The plant’s goal is to provide soybean products that are used for food, feed and energy to customers domestically as well as around the world while maintaining the highest level of quality and service.