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We achieve positive environmental outcomes through efficient transport & responsible resource consumption.



Consumption of Resources & Efficient Transport

At CGB, environmental responsibility isn’t just a pair of corporate buzz words. We believe that success comes in part through our commitment to sustainable practices. We recently partnered with Field to Market in an effort to create more efficient and environmentally positive results throughout the CGB supply chain, from farm to dinner table. In collaboration with Field to Market, we’re working with farmers to improve carbon sequestration in their soil, reduce water and energy use, promote biodiversity and identify opportunities to continually improve their environmental footprint.

We’ve even invested in new technology that enables trucking companies to more efficiently connect with commodity shippers to minimize the number of empty trucks on the road through a new app called “Roger.” Keep an eye on our news for more developments, or check out that initiative at

We continuously assess ways to improve supply chain efficiency.

Advantages of Barge Transportation

We utilize infrastructure to minimize energy and resource use. With a large number of assets strategically located on our nation’s inland waterways, CGB leverages inland water transportation, a cost-effective and incredibly eco-friendly option to move goods from the Midwest to the Gulf for export. A typical inland barge has a capacity of 15 times greater than one rail car, and 60 times greater than one semi-trailer truck. One 15 barge-tow can move the equivalent of 216 rail cars or 1,050 semi-trailer trucks.


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Advantages of Rail Transportation


In addition to barge, we utilize rail at many facilities for an economical means of transportation for goods. Moving freight by rail instead of by truck lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.


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We invest in wellness, education, and safety.


We promote innovative growth and strive for operational success.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards.