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We empower innovation and smart risk management to sustain economic growth.


Empowering Innovation

We understand the best ideas don’t come from the corporate office, they come from the team members executing day to day operations and those interacting directly with customers. We empower our team to bring their creative ideas to the table and have additional team members dedicated to assisting them with building out a solid business plan for consideration; in the past, those same members have been rewarded with the ability to run those respective new businesses.

Long-Term Planning

We are active in different parts of the value chain, and as such it's critical that we engage with experts and other industry leaders for unique and innovative learning experiences with it comes to sustainability. We are proud members of the SAI Platform, a program that offers networking, practical insights and skill-set advancements when it comes to the mega transformational changes facing today's global food systems (


Accurate Forecasting

The ability to forecast accurately is a critical component of our overall financial control and, by doing so with quality and accuracy, we can more easily see what interventions are required to meet our business performance targets and our shareholder expectations. Accuracy is obtained by having regular, transparent forecasting discussions that include thorough reviews of data and sources. Afterall, CGB can only keep the best people and provide a good return to shareholders if it is profitable.



Our Goals

Profit 2021 Research Carbon Footprint to Determine Goal for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.    In progress
Profit 2021 Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Updating Fleet Cars/Vans/Trucks
with Electric Powered Vehicles by 2035.
   In progress




We invest in wellness, education, and safety.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards.


We achieve positive environmental outcomes.