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Farming is a capital intensive industry where producers need money to grow, to purchase farm land, to buy equipment, or finance building expansions and add tiling, irrigation and grain storage. Through CGB’s Louisville–based AGRIfinancial Services, we offer long term fixed rate loans and leases that protect you against market volatility. AGRI financial also offers financing solutions that can save taxes and help you manage to the bottom line.

Our experienced staff of ag lending professionals spans across the nation. Wherever you farm, we can reach your operation; and whatever ag business you are in (be it grain, livestock, specialty crops or other enterprises) you’ll find custom solutions to meet your needs.

AGRIfinancial Services is solely dedicated to farming, providing three key service areas:

Mortgage financing - Money to buy a new farm, or refinance and save money on your existing farm mortgage. You will find terms up to 30 years and products that can fix your rate from 30-days to 30-years. One key advantage of working with AGRIfinancial is that we bring multiple loan investors to the table, providing you with the finest product selection.

Lines of credit - Your farm and business needs can be met through an AG Equity Line of Credit. It is one of the most flexible and convenient products in the market, providing a 10-year draw period that doesn’t require annual or 3-year renewal. Draw funds to buy a farm, buy equipment, pay operating expenses or meet any other business need. Try to do that with a traditional operating line.

Farm Equipment, Building, and Fixture Leasing – Producers are learning to save money and taxes by using farm leasing program. You can finance new and used farm equipment; new buildings, grain storage, irrigation, tiling projects and many more needs. Leases feature fixed payments and they can include all the start-up and soft costs involved in a building project. Recent changes in tax rules have made leasing a much more important option to consider.

At AGRIfinancial Services, all of our financing programs are backed by a top-notch servicing group. We value your business and work to preserve customer relationships. We work with you to assure our products always meet your needs, now and in the future. In fact, AGRIfinancial now services more than $1 billion in loans across the country.

Reach us toll-free at 1-877-548-2611 or on our website

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