CGB Soybean Processing

Soybean Processing

CGB's goal is to provide soybean products at competitive pricing with unsurpassed service is CGB’s goal. The CGB Soybean Plant was built in 1997 in Mt. Vernon Indiana. The plant provides a competitive soybean market for area farmers while satisfying the demands of agribusiness customers in a variety of areas. Customers include feed mills, poultry manufacturers, and hog farmers – or anyone interested in purchasing soybean products.   

The plant also is a major supplier of soybean oil products to customers for both food and industrial uses. The plant is located on the Ohio River in the Port of Indiana at Mt. Vernon. This strategic location allows for multiple logistics options that include both inbound and outbound barge, rail, and truck transportation as well as outbound container shipping options.

Products include soybean meal, hulls and oil. Meal is sold with high protein content. Oil is sold as "crude" and "crude - degummed". Hulls are pelleted into 1/4" size. All products are sold via truck, rail, and barge into the domestic and CIF export markets.

Processing capacity is approximately 65,000 bushels per day, or approximately 1400 shorttons per day.

Soybean Processing
One bushel of soybeans is 60 lbs. From one bushel of soybeans, processing plants typically yield 11 pounds of oil, 44 pounds of meal, three pounds of hulls, and 2 pounds of shrink.