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Prohibited Deliveries Notice *Updated*

Author: Kelly Buchanan/Friday, April 24, 2015/Categories: CGB News

CGB will NOT accept delivery of corn or soybeans produced from the following seed products *:
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Agrisure® Duracade™ – SYN 05307 (Syngenta)
Agrisure® Enogen™ (ethanol) – SYN E-3272 (Syngenta) **
Enlist™ – DAS 40278-9 (Dow - stewarded introduction in 2015)

Pioneer® Plenish® – DP 305423 (DuPont/Pioneer) **
Visitive® Gold – MON 87705 (Monsanto) **
Enlist™ – DAS 68416-4 and DAS 44406-6 (Dow - stewarded seed production in 2015)
Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ - MON 877081 (Monsanto)

*Or any other traits that have NOT been de-regulated by APHIS.
**Should only be delivered to processor who has contracted production.

These traits do not have the necessary import approval from important countries (US export customers).
CGB’s purchase contracts state that CGB has the right to reject crops produced from traits that lack such approvals.
CGB reserves the right to test and reject any loads that are delivered to our facilities.

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