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Grain Contamination

Grain Contamination

Author: Kelly Buchanan/Wednesday, October 2, 2013/Categories: CGB News

US exports have seen increased competition due to the past several years’ higher corn prices. Pricing from South America and the Black Sea region has been very competitive with US origins, if not cheaper over the past year and half. One thing we can do to keep our exports as strong as possible is to ship uncontaminated grain. Foreign buyers appreciate the US for it’s generally better quality corn. Even if our exports aren’t price competitive, they will look at US corn for quality reasons. Grain contamination and our efforts to control the induction of metal products is just one way to help exporters make more grain sales, which helps all of us. 

Following are several photos of our daily barge/rail unload at our export elevator. We at CGB are always looking for ways to reduce this contamination but some inevitably gets through. We sincerely appreciate your continued cooperation and due diligence to ensure the highest quality grain for our export operations.


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